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Windshake release self-titled EP // review

Three piece ‘Windshake’ are really making waves especially in the Swansea scene after their performance at this year's Fringe Festival. Now based in Bristol, the band have gone on to release their brand new self-titled EP.

There aren’t many bands who leave you in a trance like state these days but Windshake do just that with psychedelia; not bubble lamps and sitars but they certainly give off a far out vibe. They open with spaced out, mainly instrumental track 'Planetary Troubles', with a spoken, almost alien-like, introduction.

‘Kingdom of Fruit’ and ‘Virgin Soul’ are patchouli infused tracks with funky tones, distorted riffs, and bass lines that grow louder and more powerful as they progress. To add, ‘Virgin Soul’ has a very distinct sound and traces tones from fellow locals ‘Bandicoot’.

Up next is ‘Mr Fix It’ which opens with buoyant riffs and propelled bass lines, clashes from symbols and unpolished, raw vocals. Windshake have an eclectic sound and ‘If It’s Me, It’s You Too’ demonstrates this. The track is crowded with hooks that will surely garner an audience that’ll jig along with them.

Next up is psychedelic track 'To Save Is To Be Late' and it's by far my favourite from the EP. It's rhythmic and drifts into a relaxed electric melody seasoned with twinkly undertones. The EP comes to an end with 'Freshen Up The Air'; a simple yet effective beat giving off summertime vibes.

The self-titled EP really revisits the hippie era and we're hoping to see more of this in the future. Be sure to catch Windshake at their upcoming shows and listen to the EP here:

Follow 'Windshake' here:


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