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The Novus release their latest single 'Man On The Bridge' // review

Life has been a bit strange without the luxury of live performances but to help fill that void artists have work relentlessly to release some new music for our listening pleasure. 'The Novus', being one of many, have released one of our favourite songs of the year so far. ‘Man on the Bridge’ is the latest piece to come from the Midlands quartet and it’s inspired by their visit to Camden Lock where a man can often be found dancing.

‘Man on the Bridge’ is a full-flavoured, euphoric track that has no trouble stirring up a concoction of raw poetry, compelling hooks and dirty riffs - and it’ll have no problem riling up a crowd when gigs return. The gritty three-minute piece is arena-worthy and so catchy you’ll find yourself singing back the chorus after the first listen. It’s youthful, it’s rebellious and it’s capturing the eccentric spirit of Camden.

‘Man On The Bridge’, with its artistic flair, marks a turning point for The Novus. From here on out, things can only get bigger and better for them because I’m certain this track will go down a storm.

‘Man On The Bridge’ is also being released on 7” vinyl. Pick up a copy here:

Keep an eye out for more news and announcements from The Novus on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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