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Sun Room - Cadillac // Track of the Week

Think back to the British Invasion; The Kinks, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, the forerunners of the 60s. Sun Room captures the charm and spirits of just that with their latest release ‘Cadillac’.

“'Cadillac’ is a rambunctious garage rock jam about being too broke for a girl,” says lead vocalist Luke Asgian. “It’s short and sweet with unhinged vocals and guitars, reminiscent of early 60s British Invasion bands. The song is exciting, fast, and intentionally unpolished- especially the unruly outro that seems to go about 200 miles per hour.”

California’s captivating garage rockers embody a youthful, free-spirited, let-your-hair-down energy that provides us with a bit of warmth in preparation for those summer months. Cadillac is a charmingly sun-tinged anthem that lets us take time to live in the moment; it’s raw, it’s hazy, and its rose tinted hooks make for the perfect first release from their upcoming EP ‘Outta Their Minds’.

Stream 'Cadillac' and keep updated on all things Sun Room on Instagram and Twitter.


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