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2023 Takeover: The Aces

Here come The Aces, the Utah quartet reinventing the term ‘it-girl’ with their swaggering attitude, kaleidoscopic indie-pop choruses and a prowess in hypnotising their audiences. Having caught them at their Cardiff arena show supporting The Vamps, it’s clear to see this is just the beginning for them and 2023 is their time to shine.

Vocalist Cristal Ramirez flaunts the stage, using her compelling stage presence to captivate the crowd whilst strutting her stuff like a model parading the catwalk. Backed by sister Alisa Ramirez (drums) and band mates McKenna Petty (bass) and Katie Henderson (guitar), the four make an incredible troop. They each had the crowd wrapped around their fingers with their cocktail of pop sensibilities, rousing hooks, and a heavy bite.

During the nearly five years since their critically acclaimed debut album ‘When My Heart Felt Volcanic’, The Aces have been spreading their message like wildfire; from supporting the likes of pop heavyweights 5 Seconds of Summer to jumping on tour with The Vamps across the UK this winter, as well as selling out their very own American tour. The Utah four piece have gone from strength to strength through their journey of self-love and self-discovery. They’re like a coming-of-age movie embodied in a band; exploring the trials and tribulations of falling in love and growing up.

The band have become the role models they always wanted in music when growing up; role models for a new generation of music lovers. Through complete honesty and charming relatability, The Aces strive to talk about gender, love, and life in the digital age, and used their latest album ‘Under My Influence’ to open up comfortably about their identities, sexuality, and relationships. With streams amassing millions, an arsenal of new songs, and a new album on the horizon, The Aces are set to take the next year by storm.

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