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Shlug release massive new single 'Baby Teef'

Cardiff noise-makers Shlug kickstart the new year with their highly anticipated and outright MASSIVE single ‘Baby Teef’; a familiar one to those who have been witness to one of their unruly performances; an evening revelled in sweat, booze, and a sense of united anarchy the entire night.

Shlug demand full attention from the get-go; with thunderous riffs, gurning basslines and defiant spits, that will undoubtedly provoke primal screams from their crowds when played live. The band provide an escape from the shackles of mundane life for six minutes of unadulterated noise where you can let your hair down and run wild.

Ellis says: “It took a while, but I soon realised that life moves quick and you have to learn to just not give a fuck anymore. SHLUG started as a coping mechanism for me, being able to smash the glass bottle where I stored feelings which I refused to believe I owned and drive them into a chaotic tone of brutal honesty and Baby Teef felt like a turning point for me in my trip to being content."

Baby Teef is an ‘offer to the outcasts’ - a reassurance to the misfits that they are in fact not alone - and it’s stacked with swaggering attitude, unyielding passion and almost cinematic hooks that I'm sure Tarantino would be proud of; it’s a punch in the face and a kick to the guts in this relentless showcase of Shlug at their very best.

"I always remember having this underlying feeling of embarrassment as a youngster. As I’ve grown older, I feel a lot of that is down to speech, either from being frozen from speech impediments or certain words I refused to say because they just couldn’t come out correctly, to being petrified of speaking to anyone other than my mother. I feel at times that I was born a leech, but who gives a shit, you just have to learn to embrace it."

Shlug are a band that are dead-set on rejuvenating the punk scene in Cardiff who do so with blistering displays of energy and exhilarating performances. There’s one thing for certain, Shlug are on their way to the top and they’re here to take no shit.

Baby Teef is out now via Clwb Music

You can catch Shlug at Immersed Festival this February - get your tickets quick, it’s going to be a good one!

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