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Rebecca Riots spring to life in debut track 'Luna' // review

Last year saw the emergence of a brand new Cardiff band 'Rebecca Riots'; after teasing a debut track for a while, the four-piece finally released the captivatingly good 'Luna' back in November. The Capital based act are no strangers to the scene, but Rebecca Riots sees them embarking on a new musical endeavour.

In an abundance of unwavering energy, youthful immediacy and invigorating hooks, the story of Luna comes to life. Imbued with a gritty New York-esque hue and the familiar sound of The Strokes, Rebecca Riots project themselves to the top of the table. It’s one you’ll spin at full volume whilst getting dressed up for a night on the town as well as one you’ll hear blaring from the speakers at your local indie club night; sharing the ‘stage’ with the likes of Arctic Monkeys and The Libertines. Its punchy rhythm, warm tones and melodic vocals layered with nostalgia, worms its way into your head, leaving you singing along after the first listen.

They say: "Luna is mainly about desperation and pure infatuation. Not to be mistaken for a love song about being helplessly devoted to someone or something that may not even care about you. Quite often in those moments you’ll blurt out stupid things. In this case the antagonist asked her; ‘Why don’t you come on over?’. I envisioned a lonely dude in NYC for some reason. The song came out in like ten minutes."

Rebecca Riots make their mark in this contagious track and it can only get better from here. You can hear ‘Luna’ on all major streaming platforms now!

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Words: Tate Powell

Image: @mitchellsvisuals

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