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Pit Pony release latest single 'Opportunity Went' // review

I first heard Pit Pony when their single ‘Dutch Courage’ came up as a suggested song on Spotify and I fell in love after the first listen. I eagerly headed for the socials to drop them a follow because I wanted to hear more. So when, on what personally for me was a bit of a mad day, I found an email from them in my inbox with a new single I couldn’t help but get a little excited!

‘Opportunity Went’, the latest track to come from the Newcastle-upon-Tyne fivesome, is a collision of raw, infectious melodies and unforgiving riffs. It’s fuelled with fuzziness, relentless percussion and the undeniable, powerful presence of vocalist Jackie Purvis that projects a right rock and roll attitude and proves they're a force to be reckoned with. I can assure you, a crowd will need very little persuasion to go crazy when Pit Pony raise the roof with this one. It’s a powerhouse of a single and I cannot wait to hear more.

You can hear ‘Opportunity Went’ for yourself here:

Visit their Bandcamp here:

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