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Pit Pony release new single Accidental Doom

With radio support from Steve Lamacq, John Kennedy and Mary Anne Hobbs, and accolades from Metro and Dork, Pit Pony continue to go from strength to strength with every release, and now it’s time for the Tyneside five-piece to return with new music after 15 months away.

Accidental Doom, lead single from their upcoming Bandcamp vinyl release (this Friday) where you can hear new track ‘Fuzzy’, is boisterous yet rich, and acts as a commentary on the hard-hitting reality of what it’s like being a woman in the music industry. Its raw attitude and punching basslines is a smack to the face for anyone listening - think sweaty bars with the crowd bouncing off the walls. With Queens-esque riffs, and incredibly, emotionally charged vocals that capture one's attention upon first listen - Pit Pony aren’t just any post-punk band, their music exudes a profound quality that goes beyond mere grit and anger, as their delivery of emotion elevates them to new levels.

Accidental Doom has vocalist Jackie Purver fearlessly giving her perspective and experiences of being a woman in the music industry, and acts as a stark reminder to ‘think before you speak’. She says: “A lot of the time people mean well by making comments or make flippant remarks that they don’t think anything of, but sometimes they really land. As a woman in music I get a lot more comments directed at or to me than the rest of the band. Remarks about what I wear, what I look like, all things that I have never heard mentioned in relation to my bandmates. I wanted to write a song to remind people to be kind and think before they speak or type. It doesn’t take much to pause before you jump into sharing an opinion.”

You can here ‘Accidental Doom’ on all streaming platforms now

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Words: Tate Powell

Image: Nigel John


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