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Nau Mad release latest single 'The One' // review

Now this isn't something I'd usually cover on the site but I really think you need to hear it. So, introducing Nau Mad - a Paris based trio of DJs and musicians who are not afraid to cross genre boundaries. They don’t limit themselves to one sound and that’s what I like about them. They could release an electronic record this year and a rock one the next! They brought out their last track ‘The One’ back in June and we’re big fans.

‘The One’ is a thought provoking message layered with synthy instrumental, electric energy and vocals that sound as if they’ve come straight from the charts. Invoking sounds of summer with it’s vibey, hip-hop/pop cocktail, it certainly does its job in lifting the spirits of those who need it most at the moment. Their experimental take on music gives them the capability of taking over London’s melting pot of musical styles.

Nau Mad have been teasing a new release so you can expect to hear that soon - I know we’re looking forward to it.

Keep an eye out for news and announcements from Nau Mad on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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