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'MY-HI' release their latest single 'Digital Depression' // single review

Brighton alternative three-piece ‘MY-HI’ have released their latest single ‘Digital Depression’ today - a very apt title for the world's situation where we're living digitally and feeling somewhat claustrophobic.

‘Digital Depression’ starts as a laid-back melody up until the 40 second mark where you’re thrown into a mixture of high-octane energy and beefy, distorted bass lines that deliver throughout the track. The mood slightly changes as ‘glitz and glamour’ begins the chorus with hazy, rich vocals and dream-like instrumentation. 2:40 marks the start of building melodic tones which strengthens with electricity and eventually reaches its crescendo with thundering guitars, relentless drum beats and raw shouts.

This is a bold new single from MY-HI and it certainly has the potential to act as a game changer in the industry. Quite often I find newer rock artists have a very similar sound - and that’s not a bad thing - but this, this is MY-HI and they’re bringing a new, definite sound to the table and I like it.

You can stream ‘Digital Depression’ here, and on all other major streaming platforms:

Keep an eye out for more news and announcements from MY-HI on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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