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MINAS releases his latest single 'Drinker' tomorrow // review

James Minas, otherwise known as MINAS, is a producer and artist based in the Welsh capital. Having worked with a number of local artists such as Natty Paynter and Dan Bettridge, it's now time for him to take centre stage with his latest single ‘Drinker’ - which you can hear tomorrow. Acting as a prequel to his upcoming debut album, it serves as a taste of what we can expect.

'Drinker' is a captivatingly electric track with synthy, feel-good rhythms and modern vocals. Yet the introduction of the piano and thought provoking lyrics that explore the fight with his thoughts, makes it an unexpected, passionate piece. This isn’t a straightforward, “bounce-around” track although this would be a perfect fit at a club night - it’s deep, it’s raw and it’s powerful. His sound is unrestricted to one genre; it’s experimental, it’s something different and I like that.

Pre-save the single here and listen to some previously released tracks here.

Keep an eye out for more news and announcements from MINAS on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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