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Super Marine release latest single 'Long Walk Home' // review

Super Marine - already one of South Wales' favourite bands and they haven't even been together a year?! The Blackwood quartet have had no trouble creating a buzz that just seems to be getting bigger by the day. The release of their forth single 'Long Walk Home' has certainly cemented an established sound for Super Marine and it's being championed by radio royalty - Adam Walton, Bethan Elfyn and Janice Long to name but a few.

'Long Walk Home' is a captivating, modern rock track that takes you on a journey of fleeting youthful fun and friction. With slick vocals that reach soaring heights, increasingly intense beats, and electricity pulsing throughout, they’ve proven their talent is limitless. Their catchy lyrics just cry-out for the audience's contribution and they'll get exactly what they want with this one. It may have been unintentional but 'Long Walk Home' was written for arenas - make no mistake about it. It's a powerhouse of a single. I think it may be time for Stereophonics to step aside and let the next Welsh rock and roll stars hit the big stages.

They’ve also announced a physical release of their first EP which includes all four singles and two acoustic renditions. You can pre-order the EP now. Be quick, I’m sure they’ll be snapped up!

Keep an eye out for more news and announcements from Super Marine on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!


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