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LIVE: The Big Moon @ Tramshed 27/09/22

This gig had been a long time coming, in fact it was originally meant to be their promotional tour for their Mercury nominated album ‘Walking Like We Do’. Alas, the pandemic struck and we had to wait a little longer but was it worth it!

A lockdown, festival appearances, two albums, and a baby! It’s been a busy couple of years for The Big Moon but they return better and more revived than ever. The Big Moon flaunted the brass-bulb-lit stage with an intoxicating aura and a collection of new and old tracks that we’d been waiting a long time to hear. What was to come was an enchanting performance from the London-based four piece.

Despite their bout of bad luck at the start of the tour, spirits were high, and smiles were gleaming. They put on a euphoric performance powered by honey-rich harmonies, thundering guitars, and hooks that were left ringing in your ears for hours afterwards. Playing a range of tracks from their debut album, their Mercury nominated album ‘Walking Like We Do’, as well as snippets from their upcoming record ‘Here Is Everything’ [14th October via Fiction Records].

Their shimmery pop production is exactly what we needed to hear, a little bit of summer before we roll into autumn leaves and windy mornings. ‘Don’t Think’ (my personal favourite), ‘Bonfire’, and ‘Trouble’, provided a bassy ambience and thrilling riffs that provoked a sway and jump along from the crowd.

The night hosted a few surprises such as a chillingly beautiful acapella opening of ‘Formidable’, and the introduction of the flute - yes, you heard that right - showcasing the capability and absolute musical talent present on stage that evening. Frontwoman Julliette Jackson had a way with the crowd that I haven’t seen in some time, she had the crowd wrapped around her fingers - everyone in the room lowered to the ground like a domino effect as soon as asked; and I mean everyone.

The evening slowly came to an end with the phenomenal ‘Your Light’ but not before they performed their cathartic and highly danceable rendition of Fatboy Slim’s ‘Praise Me’ - which they recorded back in 2020 as part of the BBC Live Session - which saw the whole crowd up and dancing, screaming back the entirety of the song to Jackson.

You can catch The Big Moon on the rest of their tour throughout October.

You can pre-order ‘Here Is Everything’, their new record, here.


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