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LIVE: Sea Girls @ The Great Hall, Cardiff

There's no denying that Sea Girls have gone from strength to strength over the last few months/years and that was showcased in their biggest Cardiff headline to date on Tuesday night. Having gone from Clwb Ifor Bach just over a year ago, Sea Girls returned to the capital to take on The Great Hall. Their latest album 'Homesick' - released towards the end of March which quickly rose to acclaim - once again reiterated that the band don’t shy away from expressing their vulnerabilities.

The moment [Henry] Camamile and his crew took to stage, the crowd were alight and raring to scream back from the get-go. A sea, pardon the pun, of fans all raise their arms as the first notes of ‘Damage Done’ ripple across the Hall. It was then we knew how the rest of the night would go - an hour and a half of glistening indie numbers and notable singalongs such as ‘Violet’ and ‘Falling Apart’.

‘Paracetamol Blues’ elevated the venue before the band left to prepare their encore; a buzzy crowd of adoring fans chanting ‘Sea Girls’ as if they were cheering for their desired football team. Then we hear ‘Daisy Daisy’, the goal has been scored and the crowd goes wild. They finish with 'All I want to Hear You Say,' and finale 'Call Me Out' - two tracks that are a staple to the British indie scene and festival season - which saw the crowd erupt into a frenzy of youngsters who had become intoxicated by the sounds of Sea Girls throughout the evening.

We feel their highs and we feel their lows with their emotive storytelling, yet we still leave their show with beaming smiles and musical memories that will last a long time. That’s something a band sometimes doesn’t always manage to capture but Sea Girls have always attained this every time I’ve seen them. It may have been their biggest show, but it was still very much intimate and enthralling as ever.


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