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Joe T Johnson makes a return with third single 'English Elegance' // review

2020 has seen an array of new music releases and I've heard some incredible pieces being produced because of this break in the live industry; one of those tracks being the latest offering from singer-songwriter Joe T Johnson. Hailing from Bristol, a hub of creativity, the indie musician returns with his third single 'English Elegance'.

For such a young artist, there's a real authentic vintage sound already being cemented. 'English Elegance', with it's nostalgic undertones, whisks you away, evoking thoughts of acoustic melodies around the campfire. Its sweet 60s sentiment and wistful pop sensibilities, along with its newly introduced harmonica element to finish, leaves us waiting for more.

You can hear 'English Elegance' for yourself now on all major streaming platforms (or you can just listen below).

You can keep up-to-date with news and announcements from Joe on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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