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Finding Aurora release their latest single 'The Last Call' // review

Newport four-piece Finding Aurora have come back bigger and fresher than ever with their mammoth single 'The Last Call'. The track is the first release we've heard since their 2019 single 'Blood On You' and it’s kicked off 2021 the right way for Finding Aurora.

They set the tone for future releases by unleashing a feverish anthem that sees them mastering their sound in this raw, riff-heavy track. They top it off with a side of unfettered energy and infectious, arena-worthy choruses that I can already hear crowds screaming back to. Finding Aurora are known for their riveting live performances and it’ll be no different when we get to hear this new track live. With gutsy vocals, the track takes a more personal approach, speaking about shutting out the negativity, moving on from that and ‘giving them the last call’. It’s intense, it’s loud and it captures the early sounds of Dave Grohl and co. - a young Foo Fighters in the making.

You can hear the track for yourself now on all major streaming platforms.

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