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Beacons Summit: a Music Conference Created by Young People for Young People.

It’s an exciting week for the creative scene throughout Wales because tomorrow (Friday) marks the start of the first ever Beacons Summit; a digital music and creative conference developed by Beacons, a bilingual programme set to ‘empower the next generation of music industries’ throughout the country.

Over the weekend, a fantastic selection of the best young Welsh creatives will be brought together for the first ever Beacons Summit; a conference created by young people for young people. With talks from journalists such as Sophie Williams and Harriet Fisk, TikTok sensation Ellis Lloyd Jones, Stereo Brain Records’ Luke Priestley, as well as a number of musicians, promoters, and music industry insiders, all ready to talk about their journeys and give advice for people at the beginning of their creative careers.

This all starts tomorrow at 3PM with a live set curated by I Ka Ching to set the day off. Make sure you’re there, now is the perfect time to gain industry knowledge, discover new opportunities and most importantly network!!

Head over to the Beacons site to get your free ticket now!

Follow the lovely people from Beacons over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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