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39 Broad Street release their stripped back EP 'Walls'

South Walians '39 Broad Street' have released their stripped back EP ‘Walls’, recorded in isolation and it's much needed in times like these.

'Walls', with its lyricism and instrumentation, delivers an account for our time in isolation. It forces you to live in the moment instead of acting as a soundtrack to your usual Saturday nights. 'Learn', their opening track, sets a nostalgic, early noughties tone which creates a backdrop sound that runs throughout the EP. 'Back To Earth' showcases their blend of incredibly effective harmonising and a potent concoction of fluttery electric guitar and acoustic strumming. Taking a side step from subtle melancholia, 'The Border' wakes us up with newfound energy and a sliver of attitude. It all builds to its climax with their title-track ‘Walls’; a melodic, five minute aura of soothing and passionate sounds. What’s evident is the fluidity that unmistakably runs throughout the EP, really adding to the piece’s charm.

I’m sure we’ll get to hear more from the lads in 39 Broad Street after everything’s returned to normal, and we cannot wait to see what they do next.

Keep an eye out on their Facebook and Instagram for more news and announcements.


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