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'Blues Train' - the new release by Tom Auton

Indie rock and blues artist Tom Auton is one of Cardiff’s best singer-songwriters about at the moment and his new single has to be one of my favourite releases of the year.

‘Blues Train’ takes us on a compelling journey overflowing with full-bodied vocals and ceaseless gutsy riffs that forges the tempo of the track. It’s a heavy concoction of escalated melodies and lively hooks that will undoubtedly translate well in a live performance. Auton has garnered a dedicated fan base due to his non-stop hard work and commitment and I’m looking forward to seeing what he gets up to next because the future looks promising for this talented musician.

You can hear ‘Blues Train’ on all major streaming platforms tomorrow. This song demands your attention!

Head over to his socials and keep an eye out for further announcements:

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