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GETRZ - 'Think Of The Future' EP // review

Courtney Brock (@shotbybrock)

Courtney Brock


Things just keep getting better for the boys in GETRZ: a Swindon four-piece with a collection of absolute 'bangers' who have just been signed with Bandit Music (congratulations).

Back in August they brought out their outstanding latest release ‘Think of the Future’ - a power-house EP brimmed with anthem after anthem.

Insomniac Waltz introduces an intensity that runs throughout the EP with fuzzy guitar slides and a young Alex Turner-esque voice generated to lure you in. This rolls straight into next song ‘She Heard I’m a Dreamer’: an invigoratingly fast-paced song charged with distorted riffs and constant rhythm. There’s a fluidity that streams throughout due to the enthralling transitions between songs. Bass driven ‘Annie’ comes next with a fresh voice filled with passion that's paired with bouncy hooks and a Nothing But Thieves vibe that will surely have a crowd on their feet. This continues into next tune ‘How Do You Think I Feel’ and it’s an explosion of raw energy! GETRZ are intent on making us release our own liveliness, whether that's bounding about the house or getting rowdy on the dance floor. Title track 'Think of the Future' ends the EP with a hard-hitting indie-infused strike to the heart. It's fuelled with emotion and it's just stunning. Lighters flickering in the air and arms wrapped around each other is what I'd imagine the band will see when they perform this one. It's a perfect finish to both the EP and any live set. I didn't really want this EP to end!

Andrew Cooper (@andrew_takes_photos)

Andrew Cooper


Listen to 'Think of the Future' here:

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