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The Rivers - 'Life in General' EP review

There’s an ever growing indie scene in Britain and 'The Rivers' have slipped right into it and they won’t be going unnoticed for long.

The Merthyr based outfit have been together for a couple of years now: playing gigs and releasing demos in the run up to the release of their debut EP ‘Life In General’.

‘Life In General’ is youthful and anthemic from start to finish: encapsulating the sound of modern indie rock and citing a Catfish and The Bottlemen-esque flavour with their fuzzy tunes, fluid choruses and rhythmic beats: you can especially see this at the forefront of tracks ‘Juncture’ and ‘Realise’. Their bursts of infectious energy make these proper indie bangers. ‘For You’, their first single released in the run up to ‘Life In General’, is a dreamy melody packed with an emotive urgency reflected through lifting vocals and crisp instrumentals. They’ve gone and thrown in a ‘Spoons reference in 'Industrial Lights' just adding to that adolescent vibe they've got going on. ‘Life In General’ could soundtrack one of those independent films. Their final track ‘Hello Today’ is a punchy concoction of punk, angst and edge. It ends with a loud, rousing finale that will surely go down well with any crowd.

Listen to ‘Life In General’ here:

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