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By Devices - 'Police The Police' // debut single

Brummie five-piece By Devices have been teasing their highly anticipated debut single 'Police The Police' on social media. The date has finally been announced and you can listen to it in 23 days - it's out on the 27th of September! Mark that in your diaries because you'll want to hear this! The track opens with anthemic riffs, insistent beats and crisp vocals. 'Police The Police' is oozing with punchy beats and fuzzy guitars which then gives way to snappy, passionate choruses. The piece embodies an original, gritty, indie sound. This tune is a guaranteed crowd pleaser: I found myself singing along after the second listen. 'Police The Police' is a riot with infectious energy! There is no doubt that By Devices will cement a place in the music industry for themselves with this banging indie rocker. Hopefully we'll be seeing this Birmingham based band performing real soon! Give 'By Devices' a follow on all social media and keep an eye out for that new tune! Facebook: By Devices Twitter: @devices_by 

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