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Aled Hughes - Earl Lane album review

Aled Hughes, Cardiff singer song-writer, brought out his third album 'Earl Lane' - named after the place where he record it all - Earl Lane Studios, Cardiff. Aled sings in both English and the Welsh language, creating a collection of songs full of passion and spirit. Vocals, as mentioned, guitars and percussion come from Aled Hughes, Lynise Esprit is drums, piano, keys and bass, Jonathan Browning plays the harmonica and Lydia Maxwell sings backing vocals! 

The album is made up of 15 tracks: just from that amount it's clear to see that Aled Hughes has an immense amount of ideas in the bag! First up is 'A Little Problem'. The catchy tune has a country vibe, with smooth vocals and foot tapping beats. It's really quite funky! Songs such as 'I Am Sniper' and 'Monterey' are punchy, fast paced tracks with energetic bass lines, fluid vocals and rhythmic drum taps. There's even the introduction of the harmonica - really showing off the talent pulsing through this album.  

'Tall Girl' is a laid back tune with a sprinkle of summer vibes and head bopping beats. If I were to compare it to anyone, it kind of gives off a Beatles kind of energy - not vocally or instrumentally but atmospherically. 

Aled's passion is prominent throughout this release. Both 'Cariad' and 'Gwahoddiad (Arglwydd Dyma Fi)' are sung in Welsh, along with a few others. 'Cariad' is a warm, vibrant track with melodic strumming and soft vocals. 'Gwahoddiad (Arglwydd Dyma Fi)' is more emotive, it's gentle and soothing. A brilliant piece to end the record. 

My favourite track from this record is 'Camera Republic', its chirpy energy, the collaboration with singer Lydia Maxwell and the catchy bass line that will surely have you tapping your foot if you were to hear this live really makes it pop! 

Have a listen, see what you think! 

Listen to 'Earl Lane' here:

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