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Ben Dain-Smith - Last Chance EP

Cardiff based singer-songwriter Ben Dain-Smith has recently announced his second EP ‘Last Chance’ and it's out now. He's producing music with a maturity singers his age just don't have.

The anticipated six-track record ‘Last Chance’ is an accumulation of indie pop-rock ballads, packed with melodic beats and soft harmonies.

Opening rock and roll track 'Last Chance' gets your head bopping from the start and throughout its progression displays his rich, fervent vocals.

'One Hand Tied' is an uplifting, acoustic track - until it introduces a somewhat distorted guitar solo. It gives off a folk/country vibe with its bouncy tune and harmonies. It's an 'arms-in-the-air' kind of crowd pleaser.

Next 'Tomorrow' starts with a gentle piano melody but later introduces a simple yet laid back beat, matched with a warm bass line. It’s clear to see that Ben is very passionate about his work and it’s perfectly reflected in this sentimental release.

Forth track ‘Walk With Me’ is catchy with foot-tapping beats, layered with fuzzy riffs and more calming acoustic undertones. Ben Dain-Smith has a velvety voice which evokes an abundance of emotions.

He combines both the electric and acoustic guitar in 'Another Perfect Day', executing it beautifully along with his silvery voice.

The EP takes a diverse turn with instrumental 'Happily Ever After': the piano ballad reflects the multitude of talent this guy has! The twinkly piano notes blend well with the synthy tune towards the middle. It's the perfect ending to a phenomenal record.

Ben Dain-Smith has pulled on the heartstrings of his listeners, taking us along on his journey.

You can listen to 'Last Chance' here:

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