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'Romance Isn't Dead, It's Only Sleeping' - Oceans EP review

Chepstow pop-punk outfit 'Oceans' have announced the release of their debut EP 'Romance Isn't Dead, It's Only Sleeping'. The quartet no doubt have an extremely devoted fan base and have played multiple shows in the run up to the release of this EP but the wait is over and you'll be able to hear their highly anticipated work on the 26th July. Despite their pop-punk sound other influences include indie, emo and brit-pop.

'Romance Isn't Dead, It's Only Sleeping' is jammed with pop-punk anthems, angsty riffs and gritty bass lines. The EP reflects the quartets relentless energy and their drive to succeed. Tunes such as their opening track 'Hold On' and finishing track 'Rain in July' (a possible ode to North Wales pop-punks Neck Deep) will surely be perfect for a rowdy crowd of gig-goers. 'Over and Over' is a catchy, foot-stomping song with indie style vocals and a snappy instrumental. Third song 'Dreams of Tomorrow' is an energetic, fast paced guitar number with intensely passionate vocals.

'Romance Isn't Dead, It's Only Sleeping' can be streamed on all major platforms on the 26th July. In the meantime, follow the band on social media to see what they're up to and where they'll be playing next.

In the meantime, listen to their debut single 'Moore Lane' here:

For fans of : Boston Manor, Neck Deep, You Me At Six

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