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Breichiau Hir - ‘Penblwydd Hapus Iawn'

Breichiau Hir, welsh emo punks, make their return by releasing another welsh-language single ‘Penblwydd Hapus Iawn'. The press release stated ‘If ever a band was needed to soundtrack these unhinged times, where there is a lack of political and social responsibility and accountability, Breichiau Hir fill that void with passion and honesty.’ and we could not agree more!

Breichiau Hir unleashes a fusion of emo punk aggression! The screams and chaotic guitars manage to meld perfectly with a more melodic chorus. The Welsh language tune recounts a tale of a birthday party gone wrong, attended by vocalist Steffan Dafydd. 'Penblwydd Hapus Iawn' brings to life the chaos with its assertive riffs, an intrinsic bass line and vigorous drumming. They evoke a frantic and raw energy that will certainly establish their ongoing rise in the music industry.

'Penblwydd Hapus Iawn' will be released on the 12th April - this Friday! Make sure you give it a listen.

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