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LIVE: The Pitchforks @ Clwb Ifor Bach with Young Garbo, Devon, Sssnakes - 21/03/19

Emerging local band ‘The Pitchforks’ have recently dropped their latest single ‘Date Down’ and to celebrate, they sold out the upstairs of renowned Cardiff venue Clwb Ifor Bach. Certainly a success!

Firstly, Sssnakes an up and coming local band, one with an already huge local following, took to stage with their unreleased songs setting the crowd up for a brilliant night! Along with their debut single ‘Bev’ which had the crowd going manic, they performed an immense and punkish rendition of The Kinks’ ‘All Day and All Of The Night’. Everyone must see this band, you will not be dissapointed!

Next, Devon, indie artist from Gloucestershire, after an excruciatingly long time, played their debut show in Cardiff. The crowd already knew the majority of lyrics to debut single ‘Weirdo’. Their performance was everything I had hoped it to be. They meld typical indie influences with an underlying funky rhythm and bass line, which makes it a style of indie you can dance to rather than jump to.

Young Garbo, who have recently released their debut single ‘Faustus’, took to stage and gave it all they got. The juggernaut attitude from the singer brought a freshness to the indie vibe with an almost punk madness, beautifully expressed with his frantic actions with the tambourine. Young Garbo are certainly ones not to miss. The frenzied energy they produced certainly meant they’d go home with a few extra fans that night! This band are a riot!

Lastly the lads in ‘The Pitchforks’ emerged on stage with triumph and hit single ‘Date Down’. It’s been out for about a month yet dedicated fans still sang back to the boys. It's easy to see that the lads in The Pitchforks are passionate about what they do! Even if things don’t go to plan! At one point they had a missing string, a fallen drum and a broken microphone but they still carried on which shows their absolute dedication. They played earlier releases ‘Afflictions’ and ‘Waste of a Day’, and ‘Debbie’ - a crowd pleaser if you've seen them play before!

The atmosphere was brilliant, the crowd were going mental - this just heightening the energy on and off stage! Lastly, a stage invasion, and debut single ‘Headlock’ to end. What is noteworthy is their progression from the first time I saw them perform to this show. They now carry themselves with hard earned confidence and charisma. This gig is certainly one for the books!

Listen to ‘Date Down’ here:

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