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Laura Power - Heart On Fire Review/Interview

Laura Power, Rhonda indie-folk singer has recently released news of an upcoming single. With sell-out shows and only more to come on the horizon, we can't wait to see what she has planned this year!

The song ‘Heart On Fire’ is an emotive indie-folk ballad which holds a beautiful intensity throughout.

Her defined vocals are perfectly supported by the ambient melody of the acoustic guitar.

Laura expresses herself with a heartfelt and rich voice. Her vocal range and style of music works very well together, creating a gentle yet rich musical experience.

Technically the song has a recognisable indie tone, the simple chord progressions throughout adds to a quiet yet strengthening build-up.

The poetry of the lyrics, rather than telling a story, suggests moods and feeling which sometimes is all you need in a song!

As an artist, Laura is very talented and creative - her passion is easy to read in her music.

You can hear ‘Heart on Fire’ for yourself on March 29th - until then, find out a bit about Laura Power in the interview below!

Hey there! So let’s start off with how are you? How are things going?

Hello! I’m really good! Things have been so busy the last few weeks but I can’t wait for what’s in store

Brilliant! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Of course! My name’s Laura, I’m 20 and I’m an indie-folk singer-songwriter based in the Rhondda Valleys. I play guitar and write my own lyrics alongside my Dad and I’ve been gigging for almost 5 years

Awesome! So what has been your favourite gig you’ve played and why?

I headlined at the Moon Club in Cardiff back in November and the place was packed out and that was probably one of my favourite as everyone was singing along and dancing and people came onto me asking for pictures which was really nice and it was just an overall fun gig to play but all my gigs I play have been my favourite as they’re all part of the journey I’m on

That sounds fab! So, we’ve heard you’ve got a new single coming out soon. Tell us a bit about that. What’s it like?

Yeah! My debut single ‘Heart on Fire’ is coming out in March 29th! I’ve been working so hard for this. I’d say it’s a mixture of indie and folk. My dad wrote the lyrics to it and I put the music to it!

Fab! I can see that you work really closely with your dad. Who or what inspired you both to write it? Is it music, art, poetry? What’s the driving force behind your music?

My dad tends to write anyway, he’s written loads of stuff and he just sent me the lyrics and I put the music to it. And I’d say what drives me to want to do what I do is that I’m at my happiest when I’m on stage. It’s like I’m on a different planet. I always struggled to fit in at school and I still struggle to fit in now but when I’m playing to an audience, big or small, I just feel I belong. So yeah, nothing really inspired us to write the song. My dad just had a moment of inspiration and that happened, even though I didn’t think it’d ever be a single, I’m absolutely obsessed with it.

That’s lovely! Thank you for being so open with us! With everything going on at the moment in the Cardiff music scene, what’s your opinion on it? Do you believe our scene is one of the best out there?

Honestly, I think the music scene in Cardiff area is amazing but it’s slowly being killed off with all these independent music venues being shut down, for example Gwdihw. I only played here back in October but it was the most quirky and lovely little venue ever! We saved Womanby street, let’s hope we can save Guildford Crescent too!

Do you have any more plans for your music for the rest of the year?

I have many plans, but don’t want to reveal too much

Sounds good! So who are you listening to right now?

Ooo I’ve been listening to Sundara Karma, the new Florence and the Machine stuff as well s Dodie’s new EP

Ahh nice! Lastly, is there anything else you’d like to say?

That’s everything!

Again, you can hear ‘Heart On Fire’ on March 29th!

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