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Friday 7th December marks the return of Cardiff indie band Parish. After a highly anticipated wait for new music, we finally got to hear the latest EP ‘Modern Talk!’. The band, having played support slots with locals 'Al Moses' and Hampshire indie rockers ‘Blaenavon’, have surely built up a strong following.

Opening track ‘Nothing’s Going To Die’ gives a strong feel of the Parish vibe. The enhanced bass controls the song along with the catchy rhythm of the guitar.

Vocally there are touches of Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys) and Jack Jones (Trampolene) which gives a charismatic, moody vibe.

Melodic and incredibly moving, ‘Watercolour Dream’ creates a contrast in tone. Unlike the first song, the track is acoustically led more or less - with an underlyings bass rhythm, a flutter of guitar chords and a progressive drum beat. The second track has the potential to become a future indie classic.

‘Happy Hour’ gets your foot tapping immediately with its hypnotic upbeat energy! It's guaranteed to get a crowd moving at a gig and sure to please the ever-growing Parish fan base.

Last track ‘Rain’ ends the EP perfectly. It builds melodic layers with the soft guitar at the start gently merging with the warm beat from the drums. The bass filters through sweetly, enhancing the quality of the song. Initially, the vocals overlay this with a sense of calm you won't normally find on an indie track . However the trance is broken with a steady build up of energy during the chorus. This is the standout song for me. What do you think…..?

'Parish' have laid a strong foundation for themselves with this EP. With multiple moods and relatable lyrics, there's no doubt this band are going places!

As mentioned, you can hear Parish’s ‘Modern Talk!’ this Friday! The EP will be released on all streaming platforms. Don't sit on it, give it a listen! Be sure to keep an eye on their socials for updates on new releases and gig announcements!

Twitter - @ParishBand

Instagram - @parishband

Facebook - Parish

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