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Finding Aurora, upcoming Newport rock and rollers, are rising stars. With two headline Le Pub shows and multiple support slots and now BBC Radio play - Finding Aurora are certainly taking the South Wales music scene by storm.

Their recently released self titled debut EP is a nostalgic mix of 90s indie rock.

First track ‘Free’ is the perfect opener. Influences sprouting from Oasis; to grunge legends Nirvana. Both acoustically and electrically led, the mixture gives us a taste of what to expect further in the EP. The classical rock sound towards the end shows the possible diversity this band holds.

‘Time after Time’, the more laid back track of the EP, blissfully enhances the bands talent. The slow build up towards the middle of the song adds a certain suspense - leaving us anticipating their next move.

‘Haley’, the guitar led track, automatically catches the attention of the listener. Straight away, heads are bopping along to the modern punk tune.

By far the best track on the EP, the Royal Blood-esque opening of ‘Nick’s Gone Fishing’ immediately entices listeners with raw basslines. Their energetic riffs, distorted sound and toe-tapping beats certainly hold an already established future for the band.

‘Hell’ begins with a heavily amplified guitar riff which soon drifts into a more mellow tune. A perfectly enticing mix of raw vocals and melodic singing - as well as their wicked noise - manages to capture their musical influences.

Keep an eye out for these lads, big things are happening!

You can listen to their self-titled EP here:

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