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Death By Disco - Runaways EP

Death By Disco, band emerging from the South Wales music scene, have recently recorded their latest EP ‘Runaways’. The band have been teasing new music for a long time and finally we get to hear it this Friday (5th October). I had the pleasure of listening to it and have been asked to review it, which I was actually pretty excited about!

They did not disappoint! Each song from their EP was impressive as the last. I must admit, I did listen to a few of them multiple times. They create an infusion of classic rock and modern alternative music. It clashes together perfectly, creating one EP that should definitely go far!

Opening track ‘Runaways’ had me hooked from the first listen. The song, in my opinion, was actually pretty emotional, vocal wise anyway. But it’s very much a crowd pleaser! I’m sure they’ll have the crowd singing along with them. From the very start you can distinguish that the band themselves have a very mature sound, meaning it’ll appeal to people all over the board - not many artists can get this right, but these, these nailed it!

The third song on the EP, despite being the shortest of them all, is one of the most upbeat tracks! It’s actually pretty catchy and I’m sure this one will also be one hell of a crowd pleaser.

My personal favourite has to be track four, ‘Brand New’. From the start, you’ll feel yourself bopping along with it and tapping your foot with the drum beat. Both lyrical and musical aspects are captivating - quite addictive if you ask me! This song is one to be repetitively played. It never gets old. You could say the guitars are quite harmonic but still edgy in their own ways. That's just my opinion though, you'll have to listen to it yourself!

Their closing song ‘Into The Night’ instantly hits you with the bass. That’s what everyone looks for in a song these days, right? It just stands out from everything else. Vocally, it’s distinctive. Modern tones of Genesis, especially vocally, filter through, maybe that’s just me. But it definitely has its own sound! The song is very passionate and, again, quite emotional. It's definitely the ‘anthem’ of the EP.

The band are obviously very driven. They have a quiet strength about them. Good riffs are introduced throughout and percussion is very catchy.

You can hear the EP ‘Runaways’ tomorrow on Spotify and iTunes!

Follow the band on all of their social media platforms to see what they're up to!

Twitter: @_deathbydisco


Instagram: @ _deathbydisco

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