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Londoners, Dead!, originally from Southampton, brought their ‘Golden Age’ tour to South Wales, singing fresh new tunes from newly released album ‘The Golden Age of Not Even Trying’. The album was highly anticipated. Fans had been waiting for years. The boys released singles and EPs until it was finally announced that they would be letting us hear the completed debut album.

First band, Coroners, local welsh band from Hereford, take to the stage to perform their first ever show. Playing a total of five songs, the band pleases the crowd though crowd participation was very little. Coroners have recently released a new video for song The Last Dance. We hope to see this little band back at the Clwb soon. They held high potential with rock influences and indie vibes.

Next, London punks, The Kenneths, take to stage with some bangers from the catalogue of music they have. Each one filled with riffs and beats unsurprisingly lifting the crowd. The first few songs were hard to decipher as the sound wasn't that clean but it soon progressed into a clear sound. The sweat filled room surely had the crowd prepared for the headliners.Songs such as ‘What Happened To The Radio’, had the crowd shouting along. They even slipped in a new tune from their upcoming EP (‘EX’), ‘Favourite Ex’. This trio definitely provided the energy for the night. Josh (singer) even attempted to crowdsurf though the crowd was unsuccessful with holding up the vocalist; he then proceeded to jump around the room to get people going. We can hear the punky influences each song holds.

Finally, the boys in Dead! take to stage. Firstly performing one of many new tunes, The Boys † The Boys. This tune got everyone pumped for the rest of their set. The band performed a range of newly released tunes and old bangers. From Jessica to fan favourite You’re So Cheap. The lads got the crowd up and jumping all night. The crowd was restless, keeping up with the bands fast paced music style. Fans, both new and old, sung their hearts out, enjoying their nights.The boys each brought something to the performance, whether that was (Sam) Chappell’s amazing bass or Alex’s raw vocals, they all made the night fun for everyone.

Throughout the years that I’ve known them, I can see their fanbase is spreading greatly.

I very much draw parallels between Dead! and Creeper, whom I've personally seen progress in the same manner. Dead! encapsulates a british punk sound: a very updated version of the punk movement from the 80s. There’s no political anger laced in their lyrics but the rawness and energy is very much evident in their live performances. To understand what the boys put into their music, you need to watch one of their performances. You can’t hear the bass beating through your chest when listening to the recorded versions but you certainly can when watching the band live.

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