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So, what did you listen to this summer? We'll show you what we've picked out of the many tunes we blasted out in the garden this August. Whether that's some new songs or some older tracks.

This is our Top 10 of last month!

Dead! - Up For Ran$om

Milk Teeth - Fight Skirt

Strange Bones - God Save The Teens

Marmozets - Play

Nothing But Thieves - Amsterdam

Nightlives - Tierra Muerta

Creeper - We Had A Pact

Vukovi - Animal

Boston Manor - Burn You Up

Neck Deep - Where Do We Go When We Go

We've made up a Spotify playlist where you can listen to all of the above songs! (It's on the writers account as we are unable, at the moment, to create our own. I'm sure we'll have one very soon though!)


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