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Tom Auton releases latest single 9 Til 9 // review

Cardiff singer songwriter Tom Auton started 2021 with a bang with the release of 'Victim of the Groove' - an almost three minute track that oozes with bluesy goodness. On top of that he, along with his band The Bottle Breakers, have been announced as support for the homecoming Feeder gig that takes place 9th July at Tredegar Park.

Now we get to hear the next installment from the Welsh singer: 9 Til 9. Tom says: "This song is about rejection and how I deal with it. For me, getting turned down from an opportunity or a job, and not getting feedback as to what you did wrong, sends me into an over analytical pit of 'what did I do wrong'. So I wrote 9 Til 9 to rid my mind of all these questions that I conjure after getting turned down".

9 Til 9 sees Tom's best performance yet and acts as an indication of where the singer's heading - to the top; it starts with a solid bassy roar that pulls you into his already cemented sound. It's beefy blues melody, rich vocals and gutsy rhythms make up a concoction that's bound to draw you in. Layered with dirty riffs and groove, with a shot of electricity, you'll find it hard not to dance along. And you'll find yourself singing along with him to that undeniably catchy chorus. It'll be exciting to hear this one live as I'm sure the crowd's reaction will be a good one.

It's a banger of a tune and it's really looking like it's going to be his year. Listen to 9 Til 9 on all major streaming platforms now.

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