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LIVE: Sam Ryder - Singleton Park

After Eurovision representative’s astronomical rise, Sam Ryder takes to Swansea’s Singleton Park for an evening of colour, warmth, and excitement.

Opening up Escape Records Friday of entertainment were Swansea’s very own Who’s Molly?. In a short but sweet set, the quartet mocked with their jangly indie pop sensibilities, teasing the non-existent sun with warm melodies and chirpy yet highly addictive lyrics.

Up next was TikTok sensation Casey Lowry. Known for his comedic music reels, Lowry showcased utter bliss during his set at Singleton. Through giggles, jokes, and camaraderie between the crowd, Casey Lowry played a series of new releases, cheeky tracks, and even a song written about his love for his therapist. The one thing that was incredibly obvious was his sincerity and glee at the fact people actually turned up early to watch his set.

It was time for the Space Man himself, in a blast of colour he appears on stage, backed by his band, to perform an exciting set to revellers who had waited knee deep in mud. Uplifting the atmosphere, he opened with Somebody, whilst proving Storm Betty was no match for him. Braving the rain and powering through with sparkle, pure pop sensibilities and obvious adoration for what he does. In what was a great set filled with fan favourites such as Tiny Riot, Ten Tons and Deep Blue Doubt, we were even treated to a mashup of You’ve Got The Love, We Are Never Getting Back Together, and Paramore’s Misery Business, which had the entire crowd screaming along with. One thing that really surprised me with his absolute talent for the guitar; he was a virtuoso, a rockstar through and through; he had the hair, he had the riffs, and he had the voice to match.

This man is all about the good vibes; a smiley face in human form. His smile was infectious, his charm was warming, and his emotion was outstanding. It’s hard these days to find someone who showcases all the manners of a showman but Sam Ryder is certainly one of those; channelling a Mercury-esque spectacle, conducting the crowd at the wave of a hand whilst delivering a contagious spell of hope, joy, and vigour as he ended with the song that started it all for him; Space Man.


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