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LIVE: Mother Vulture @ Thekla, Bristol 13/10/23

One for the history books, Bristol based Mother Vulture’s momentous return home for their biggest headline show to date - and it was wild.

In a truly unforgettable homecoming, Bristol’s Mother Vulture took over Thekla for an electrifying evening of sold-out chaos. ‘Carnage’ would be an understatement to capture the wild Friday night that pursued! My last live encounter with Mother Vulture was earlier this year in Cardiff’s Clwb Ifor Bach, where they rocked a room that was half-full but still sent it into a frenzy. Bristol proved to be a different beast, they were back with vengeance and poised to reach unprecedented heights. The intensity escalated, and the atmosphere turned into a notably sweat-drenched affair.

An almost dystopian message broadcast across the venue, bouncing from the walls of the Thekla, everyone stood, captivated by the words uttered. Then on bounce the four, instruments in tow, clad in white suit trousers and jackets which were swiftly shed after the second song; the heat so intense that there was no way they’d endure them for the entire show! That’s when the crowd clawed to the front, reaching out to scream back the lyrics to Rabbit Hole, with surfers at the ready to ride the musical wave.

There was no rest for the wicked, the Bristol noisemakers riled up the crowd with debut album Mother Knows Best tracks ‘Fame or Shame’, ‘Honey’, and ‘Shifting Sands’, treating us to a chaotic mash-up of older tunes, and of course their massive recent single ‘Go Big or Go Home’. Mother Vulture have an alluring charm and an energy that’s equally as thrilling; Georgi Valentine has a vocal range that soars to the top yet can easily delve into the pits of hell with gritty growls on demand, whilst possessing this chaotic control over the room - the crowd splitting at the snap of a finger as he screamed for more noise, preparing for the havoc that would follow.

In the blink of an eye guitarist Brodie Maguire had ventured upstairs, feet anchored to the barrier, as he swung from the balcony, infecting everyone with his face-melting riffs as hearts raced at the spectacle in front of them; he was fearless, exuding a spirit reminiscent of Keith Moon. In amongst the mayhem, the stage radiated with pure love and joy for what they’ve achieved, as they grin into the crowd there was almost a look of disbelief - they’d done it. No management, no label, purely independent, they had achieved this due to their dedication and hard work.

As quickly as it began, it was now the end, the lights dimmed but the crowd were having none of it; it was time to go out with a bang! Ending the evening was Mr Jones, where they cranked up the electricity and delivered their downright filthy rock and roll. It was intoxicating, it was riotous, it was Mother Vulture at their very best.

You can still pick up tickets for the rest of the tour, and keep updated on all things Mother Vulture at Facebook and Instagram.

Words/images: Tate Powell @tatepowellx


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