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LIVE: Mother Vulture @ Clwb Ifor Bach

Last Wednesday night saw the ground floor of Cardiff’s Clwb Ifor Bach shake with the arrival of Bristol four-piece Mother Vulture as they took to the stage with inhibited force - joined by local noise-makers The Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk and rock and roll youngsters Zac and the New Men.

Mother Vulture left no space untouched; their brooding electricity and thumping rhythms reverberating against the brick walls, owning not only the stage but the floor as well. Although slippery on stage at times, they pulled off their falls with an attitude Vicious would be jealous of. Notes of punk stung the back of every person’s throat in the room that night, gripping them with outrageous solos, riveting projection from vocalist Georgi Valentine with his bittered yet incredibly rich roars, and a cocktail of brutal sounds and face-melting riffs.

The band, having last boldly graced the mountains of Wales at last year’s Steelhouse Festival, provided a cacophony of well-constructed chaos with full-throttle hooks that bewitched a sweltering room of spectators who pushed and shoved to tracks taken from their debut album ‘Mother Knows Best’ as the air-con sat idle, yearning to be turned on; it was quite frankly the sweatiest show I’ve attended this year, and there have been a few.

Tracks such as ‘Rabbit Hole’; a three minute exhibition of gnarly yet incredibly captivating hooks; and ‘Monster Crunch’, plunging us into a crazed hole of ear-splitting melodies drenched in booze, sweat, and blood - in a good way, that is. You might want to catch Mother Vulture now whilst their filling rooms in intimate venues; it won’t be long until they’re striding across the UK yielding the torch for untamed, hard-rock music.

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