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LIVE: Dirty Honey @ Tramshed, Cardiff

Rockstate favourites Dirty Honey return to the UK after a whopping 2023 where they embarked on a UK tour and supported the likes of Guns N Roses at BST Hyde Park. Now, armed with their second studio album ‘Can’t Find The Brakes’ and a slew of singles, Dirty Honey took over Cardiff’s Tramshed - a room double the size since their last time in the capital - on Tuesday night to a full crowd of captivated onlookers. 

For someone who writes about music almost daily, I have no words for how good they are; I’ve said it since the first time I saw them - they are masters of the live performance. It just hits the spot; that cheese toastie and milky coffee in the morning, the beautiful sunset that has no flaw, the band are a perfect moment in time; they uplift, infusing the room with energy, colour, and the glitz and glamour of rock and roll.  

Despite initial sound difficulties and a return to stage after it being sorted, Dirty Honey provided the crowd with a truly gritty rock and roll show; capturing the spirit of the 70s and providing that synergy between nostalgia and modernity. In a bluesy, gritty and incredibly warming set, the California dreamers perform a slew of fan favourites; from The Wire where LaBelle showcases the very best of his hard-hitting vocal punches and When I’m Gone, an undeniable banger where the one and only, six-string maestro John Notto thunders through electrifying guitar solos. To tracks taken from the new album; Can’t Find The Brakes, their whopping single Won’t Take Me Alive, and the utterly emotive track Coming Home (Ballad of the Shire).

A golden hour band capturing the true spirit of rock and roll through gritty choruses and pure authenticity, who produce music for the dreamers, the sun chasers and the wild cards. Dirty Honey are full of charisma, rollicking attitude and the ability to wrap a crowd around their fingers with the strike of one note. One thing that gets clearer every time I see them; they’ve got it all. Youth, exuberance as well as the nostalgic undertones of a bygone era that many struggle to keep alive; but they’ve only gone and kept the flame alight in epic proportions.

Dirty Honey continue their tour through Europe, you can purchase tickets here. Can’t Find The Brakes released via Dirt Records is out now 

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