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LIVE: Dirty Honey @ The Globe, Cardiff

Dirty Honey; the epitome of rock and roll juggernauts, bringing the dream alive with rolling harmonies, gutsy choruses, and a charisma only Jagger could dream of. And they proved that on Monday night at their sold out show at The Globe, Cardiff.

The Globe was full to the brim with Steelhouse t-shirts, rockers who remembered Maiden’s debut release, and youngsters who yearn to be taken back to the time of Zeppelin and Floyd. Surely the gig could have been upgraded to Tramshed; they were a band far bigger than the room they played, but their intimate performance proved better, taking us back to cigarette stained walls and boozy basements back in the good old days.

Dirty Honey graced us with a dizzy spectacle of rock choruses oozing with psychedelic charm and an abundance of raspy yet incredibly rich howls from pipe-machine Marc LaBelle; a band who could compete with the ‘top dogs’, and have the charisma to match. Their reputation exceeds them; they're tight, they're enticing, and they're fucking talented. Having only formed in 2017, Dirty Honey have evolved into this quality act, and are now one of the leaders of this incredible rock and roll revival.

With an electrified rumble and rousing anticipation queuing their introduction; the opening notes of 'Gypsy' performed by string-maestro John Notto, and the crowd are finally able to breathe after holding in their excitement. Existing in another time frame, Dirty Honey allow us to immerse ourselves back to a time where the likes of Aerosmith and Hendrix painted the streets with their smoky sounds and raw energy.

They performed a shrine of hits including their recent single ‘Heartbreaker’, fan favourite ‘When I’m Gone’ and their heavily psychedelic, entrancing track 'California Dreamin', an anthem that alludes to the idea of cruising the old roads of the West Coast in a 1970s Volkswagen camper. Dirty Honey swagger their way into 2023 with a hypnotic groove, patchouli tainted soundscapes, and a real rockstar spirit.

Climbing to the top, literally, LaBelle rode the stacks with a primal aura, using it as his podium to seduce the crowd into their bluesy, hard-rock show. The evening ended on Rolling 7, despite the crowd wailing for more. I was excited before the evening commenced; hearing them live after reading rave reviews, but nothing could prepare me for their performance that night.


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