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In celebration of their latest album It's the End of the World but It's a Beautiful Day, 30 Seconds to Mars hit Cardiff on their Seasons and the first we’ve heard since their return to the UK after their last performance, sales have been up in the air for this tour, but that didn’t stop Leto and Co. from giving us a performance reminiscent of their early days, with pop sensibilities, glittery showmanship, and a kaleidoscope of sound.

A true force of nature and a healthy dose of old material kept the smiles on the faces of punters spread across the arena. It was a glistening evening of hope and a celebration of a new era. Some may have been a little uncomfortable with the band’s latest material, it being starkly different from its predecessors - long gone are the days of ringed eyeliner and red streaky hair. Here comes a Rock and Roll Jesus in a flowing silk cape embracing dance and glittery pop sensibilities.

Showcasing experimentation within genres, this concert was a defining moment for the new era of the 30 Seconds to Mars crew. Stuck, an innovative return for the band, was a standout, drawing in a new flurry of fans. An anthem in the form of danceable hooks and urgently uplifting in tone despite its contradicting lyricism.

A band renowned for their visually appetising videos, 30 Seconds to Mars did not disappoint, perfectly showcasing their signature style with a breath-taking display of pyrotechnics and explosive stage lighting. The evening was an electrifying feast for the senses, with flames soaring high and bursts of light illuminating the stage in dazzling patterns.

A tender break in what had been a highly enigmatic spectacle gave them a mild pause for thought, as Leto took to the front of the thrust for an acoustic amalgamation of tracks which would finish with a somewhat slowed down version of an earlier track From Yesterday. In that electrifying environment, the boundary between performer and spectator blurred, drawing everyone into the heart of the performance.

The most notable track for me that evening was A Beautiful Lie - a song I had completely forgotten about until glancing over the setlist a week before. It was a staple in my childhood and certainly didn’t disappoint. Closer To The Edge closed off the party, a magical moment in the evening that was utterly breath-taking. Despite the lack of a full crowd, the arena broke into a scream and sang along with Leto, a man who kept his Hollywood swagger at bay that evening.

The golden circle didn’t separate a soul that evening. It was a joyous union of fans and band alike, all there to witness what can be described as an intimate moment. The scope of this band’s catalogue was on full display on Monday evening. Hoards hit the stage one last time as Leto continued to call punters up, taking centre stage to dance, sing, and admire the crowd before them. You can say what you want about the band - “they’re not the same anymore,” “what happened to them” - but one thing’s for sure, they love their fans - there’s no denying that, and they certainly know how to put on a show. It was a come-together of new and old fans alike, all there for one sole purpose: the music.

Words: Tate Powell (@tatepowellx)

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