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James Davies due to release debut EP 'Changing'

James Davies... you may be familiar with that name if you know the local music scene as he’s the vocalist of South Wales’ own WYNT. He’s taken a step back from performing as a quintet for this one by releasing a debut solo EP titled ‘Changing’. Working with some of the industries finest such as members of classic rock groups Hand of Dimes and Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons (Motorhead) and members of his own band ‘WYNT’, James Davies has put forward a piece of work that could really make people turn their heads.

‘Changing’ as a whole is an electric, dream-like melody that’ll stick in your mind for a long, long time. From the outset, it’s very evident James Davies has an immense talent which is shown fluidly all the way through. Opening track ‘Changing’, which tells of the uncertainty of growing up and second track ‘Dreams’, written about someone close struggling with depression, are both drenched in emotion, uncompromising rhythm and profound vocals that ooze with richness. One of the things I found when listening to this EP was that it centered around heightened emotions, ‘You Sir (Are The One)’ flawlessly capturing this energy. James manages to not only expose his vulnerabilities in this track but also pulls us into the world of this exceptional story-telling. Ending the EP is ‘All Night’. Echoing a Caleb Followill sound, the graduating percussion and spellbinding piano notes layer the unravelling passion and pent-up soul that really make this piece.

He’s got a mature sound that makes us believe he’s been writing and performing for years and he’ll have no trouble laying a solid foundation for himself with his anthemic numbers!

You can hear ‘Changing’ on all streaming platforms tomorrow!

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