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Review + a chat: Rags and Riches - 'Arrival' EP

Rags and Riches, Kentucky duo made up of brothers Tanner and Peyton Whitt, have released their latest EP 'Arrival': ten minutes to tell the story of their continuous dedication and journey. The band of brothers have been performing as Rags and Riches since 2017. Since then the pair have established their own sound and released their debut single 'Speed Of Sound' in February of this year.

Opening title track 'Arrival' is a clean, upbeat summer pop-rock anthem. Laid back and uplifting with a short and snappy guitar solo and a toe-tapping beat, the song is fluid and catchy. 'Don't give up, never give up' is sung multiple times towards the end - Rags and Riches have no problem when it comes to inspiring both themselves and their fans with their words of encouragement.

Second, 'X' introduces an electric beat mixed with a simple yet effective drum beat. One lyric that really stands out is "I'm destined for greatness" - this reflects their drive to reach their goals. Instrumentally it has a Twenty One Pilots vibe. There's no doubt that the brothers will soon hear their crowds chanting back the chorus of 'whoa's. 'X' reflects the diversity of the duo's sound and their fusion of genres. It's ambitious and holds a multitude of potential.

Lastly 'War Cry': theatrical and Broadway-esque, the song seems to tell a motivational story of an individual taking a stand and inspiring others to do so. The strong vocals of this track reflects their hard work, dedication and determination to succeed. The pair are emerging with their own newly found sound.

Each song expresses a message intended for anyone who listens: a message that conveys the sense of never giving up - it implies that the pair have never given up on what they're passionate about; their music. It's really quite inspiring!

We had a quick chat with Tanner about their inspirations, growing up and their local music scene!

What made you and your brother want to start 'RAGS AND RICHES'? Was it always music for you both growing up?

RAGS AND RICHES started when Peyton finally convinced me (Tanner) to create a band together. We had played together since we were kids, but this felt different and we knew as soon as it started, this was our future!

'We have such a supportive, inclusive music scene here in South Wales so I was wondering what the local music scene/community is like with you in Kentucky? Are you heavily involved in it?'

It’s not as supportive here! Especially with our sound being very unique and different than the other bands. In Lexington specifically, there is a lot of Singer-Songwriters and folk music that’s very popular. Around the state is a little more open and eclectic, especially Louisville, KY. We are slowly, but surely building our name in the local Kentucky music scene!

What inspired you when writing your recent release 'Arrival'?

There was a lot of Inspiration in this EP.

Artist Inspirations: Twenty One Pilots, Imagine Dragons, and Thirty Seconds to Mars.

Lyrics Inspiration: We wanted songs of determination and hope! “Never giving up and fighting for what you believe in and desire.”

Where do you hope to be by the end of the year? Do you have any main goals?

We will be on an extensive tour to close out the year, so we are expecting to meet some amazing new people/fans. Also, planning to release quite a few new songs in 2019. Our main goal at the moment, is to continue doing this full-time and break into some festivals for 2020!

If you could describe your band in a sentence what would it be?

RAGS AND RICHES is Futuristic and Full of energy!

Lastly, can we expect to see any appearances from you guys here in the UK?

We are working on that! Haha.

Hopefully sometime in 2020, the UK is definitely a priority for us.

We look forward to catching Rags and Riches when they make their way over here!

You can stream 'Arrival' on all major platforms now!


For fans of: Shinedown, Imagine Dragons, 30 Seconds To Mars

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