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Joel Baker @ The Big Top/10 Feet Tall Cardiff 10/04/19 w/ Harvey Jones, Natty Paynter

Orchards Live has worked closely with musicians for some time now, putting on some of the biggest shows in Wales of the year and it’s evident that this team have an eye for real talent. Wednesday night saw Nottingham singer ‘Joel Baker’ take to stage to perform the first show of his UK tour at The Big Top/10 Feet Tall, Cardiff.

Firstly, Fortè artist Harvey Jones started the set with his melodic harmonies and laid back instrumental. He brought humour to the table with stories and influences from original, ‘The Breakfast Song’. It’s clear to see that Harvey Jones writes from experience. His intent and passion during his performance is apparent. His performance included ‘Lemonade’ and ‘I Love You Anyway’ which certainly had the crowd swaying along. Harvey’s soothing and heartfelt vocals lulled the audience into what would be a stunning night.

Natty Paynter, also part of this years Fortè Project, blew the audience away with her soulful voice. Her set was emotionally intense. She sang originals such as ‘I Want You’ and ‘Astronaut’, which we hope to see released soon. Natty impressed the crowd with immense songwriting and pure talent. The raw emotion in her voice beautifully compliments her guitar playing. The young singer is certainly a powerhouse and undeniably has potential to become a critically acclaimed musician!

Joel Baker, along with his cheeky, charismatic attitude and contagious laugh, captivated the crowd with his latest single ‘What's A Song’. His chart topping voice certainly introduced the crowd to an inviting and inclusive evening. His lyrics suggest that he's passionate and driven by his experiences and emotions. Joel reflects on past events through his songs, perfectly re-telling stories. The singer struck a chord emotionally. Though, there was a slight change of pace later on in the evening. He lifted spirits with his upbeat tunes, electronic tracks and wit. Joel Baker will certainly become a leading musician in the industry and there’s no doubt he’ll become a chart-topping artist soon!

Listen to Joel Baker's latest track 'What's a Story' here:

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