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The Mysterines impress at The Great Hall and announce second album ‘Afraid of Tomorrows’

Kickstarting the night in Cardiff’s The Great Hall, The Mysterines head to stage infront of 1000 people on the opening night of Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes Dark Rainbow tour. It’s a slow burner to start, for a crowd getting riled up for the main man himself, but they gradually submit to the brooding sounds of the Merseyside bunch.

I’d last seen The Mysterines play Swansea Stadium with Arctic Monkeys in June 2023, and in the space of just under a year, the four piece have notably upped their game. Maturity, exceptional musicianship and profound presence that demands attention; The Mysterines showcase a set enriched with velvety yet incredibly raw vocals from vocalist Lia Metcalfe; enveloped by a sea of onlookers, she mesmerises with a presence laden with attitude. Adoration and positive jealousy fill the air – I mean, who wouldn't want to sing like that!

Hard hitting and subtly sultry, The Mysterines have mastered that gap between haunting and thrilling, embracing grungey sensibilities amongst an onslaught of dirty guitar licks, driving rhythms, and of course, that husky punch to the face the band have become known for. 

Unapologetic, captivating, and undeniably intense, The Mysterines resonate with darkly stirring melodies that echo across the hall, reeling in a sea of new fans, proving themselves as a fucking good live band that evening. 

Having just finished their run with Frank Carter and Co, the Merseyside quartet have announced their second studio album ‘Afraid of Tomorrows’, the follow up to their critically acclaimed debut ‘Reeling’ which reached the Top 10 upon release. 

Vocalist Lia Metcalfe says: “Afraid of Tomorrows is a mirror where you find you’re nothing more than a formless being, one made from celestial constellations - of traumas, of the old and new, mistakes, addiction, fear and happiness, loneliness, but ultimately a desire for life and the fight to keep living. It’s a collage of what’s been lost and of love unbounded”.

You can listen to Stray now and pre-orders for Afraid of Tomorrows are live

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Words: Tate Powell (@tatepowellx)

Image: Sylas Agtarap (@shotbysig)


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