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LIVE: Nothing More @ SWX, Bristol

Nothing More: A Sonic Exploration of Raw Emotion and Musical Mastery

The San Antonio quartet have always had a knack for blending raw emotion, intricate musicality and lyrics that make you pause for thought - all of this to the backdrop of hard hitting rock and heavy riffage that melts the faces of anyone within a 10 mile radius. This, of course, was no different when they took to stage at Bristol’s 1000 cap SWX. Nothing More return to the UK, for the first time since their 2023 O2 Academy Islington appearance, for a string of dates in celebration of their latest record ‘Spirits’. 

Saturday night saw the band demonstrate their commitment in pushing boundaries and exploring new territories. In a set filled with new material, such as their latest single If It Doesn’t Hurt and a glistening sneak peek at their unreleased Angel Song, tracks taken off their sixth studio album Spirits and fan favourites such as the rip-roaring Jenny, delivering a supersonic punch to the face. 

Throughout the night, vocalist Jonny Hawkins delivered an utterly powerful performance, navigating effortlessly between soulful croons and passionate screams; it’s emotionally tense, adding depth and sincerity to an already strikingly visceral performance. He wasted no time in showing appreciation and establishing an intimate connection with the crowd, encouraging them with electrifying harmonies and a grin to match. 

With blood, sweat and tears, Nothing More showcased the soaring choruses of Don’t Stop, crowd stirring melodies of Go To War, and the hauntingly beautiful sounds of Fade In/Fade Out. Their set was an onslaught of pure electricity, riveting riffs, and a dynamically captivating invasion of infectious energy, and chest-thumping hard-rock arrangements. 

‘If anyone has seen us before then you know we’re not a band who do encores,’ echoes Hawkins. My response is a laugh; I’ve heard bands spouting lies about it being their last song for years, even after that exact quote. But no, they were right, and as soon as the crowd realised, both them and the band put 110% of their efforts into making this one a performance to remember. Cue the primal instincts, and a few crowd surfers of course, as Hawkins and Co crash against two drums placed in the confinements of the audience, every hit unleashing the beast in everyone that night. This Is The Time (Bellast) was explosive, leaving the audience on a high that will undoubtedly linger for a long time to come. 

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Words/image: Tate Powell


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