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Finding Aurora due to release latest single 'Blood On You' // review+interview

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We're no strangers to the lads in Finding Aurora here at Rockstate and we're always looking forward to hearing what's next for them. We've said it before 'big things are happening for Finding Aurora’ and we've managed to catch Sam for a few questions.

Hey! How have you been?

Hey Tate, yeah things are good. We’ve been so busy behind the scenes of the band, just working on demos for our album and planning out a music video for ‘Blood On You’ which were filming this week.

Describe your sound in four words.

Loud Youthful Garage Rock

So 'Blood On You', tell us a bit about it!

The song was inspired by a lot of classic rock elements that I have a soft spot in my heart and always will. It’s a mean classic rock guitar riff, driven by a drone drum groove and we also did some cool vocal parts with the ‘oooohs’ on the verses for this one too. Oh and theres a shit load of screaming in the bridge of this one, it was hilarious to do it in the studio. I think our producer Jeff had the monitors right up for it, must’ve blew their hair off haha.

Where did you take inspiration from for the single?

The track is heavily inspired by the feeling of confusion, dysfunction and revenge. I think those are the 3 main themes in this song. Especially with the line ‘I’ll get my blood on you’. I had that line for a while, then this guitar riff came and it sort of just came out of me as I wrote it. Theres a lot of tributes and nods to our classic rock favourites, AC/DC, Aerosmith etc

Who were the soundtrack to your youth?

The soundtrack to my youth had to be bands like, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Descendents. The list is stupidly long. Descendents just stood out to me so much as an early teen, I guess I could relate to their lyrics and what Milo was singing about in his lyrics. I still feel a certain way to their music too, it’s so brilliant. Melodic, anthem nerd punk anthems I guess, what a band.

You've got your headline show at Clwb around Christmas time, what can we expect?

Oh my god, I always get nervous for these big gigs. We’ve sold just around 3/4 of the tickets for that gig. Cardiff is like our second hometown now, if someone asked me when we were headlining Clwb last year I would’ve told em about 3 years. And here we are a year later…

You can expect a rock experience like no other on the local scene, thats a bit of a big statement. I know people are going to be leaving that venue that night thinking holy shit I can’t wait for the next one. The energy is going blow the roof off, we always give 110% every show we play, but for something like this its like a bull in a china shop. Chaos.

You're embarking on your first tour as well, right? That's exciting!

Hell yeah, it’s a run of 3 shows this winter to promote our new single. We’re so busy at the moment with the real life boring stuff (university and work), the main thing is us playing the new cities. Its an exciting time for us as a band, lots of travelling on the road, we’re feeling refreshed after calming down on the gigs a bit, so the energy is there and we can’t wait to show England what were made of.

If you could be on a lineup with anybody, who would it be and why?

Thats a really good question. I think personally I’d be on a lineup with someone from Queen or Led Zeppelin. Can you imagine how surreal that’d be, I’m a big fan of both bands. I think jamming with Jimmy Page and Roger Taylor would be pretty special right.

What are you hoping to achieve next year? Can we expect that album? Anything exciting you can tell us?

I think next year will be a lot of touring, finding our feet a bit more and just working at the band. I want to get in the studio next summer and start preparing our album, the demos sound ridiculous. I’ve got a great feeling about us a band, momentum is key and we’ve got just that.

Thank you for chatting with us! Do you have any last words?

Thank you too! If you’re coming to our Clwb headline next month, just do yourself a favour and get your tickets now.

Read on for our review of 'Blood On You'.

The Newport three-piece always provide us with a copious amount of attitude and subtly controlled chaos!

'Blood On You' is unrestrained and riotous! The rip-roaring track begins with high-octane hooks, punchy vocals, clear clusters of bass and pumping beats: picking up pace in its amped up, lively choruses. It ends with an explosion of raw wails and raucous, rowdy energy. There's an evident classic rock tone in this that surges throughout. It's anarchic and wild: you can smell the beer stained floors, feel the heat from the crowd and hear them snarl back 'I'll get my blood on you" already. It's a track you'll want to scream along with. Who else can give you rock flavoured riffs, indie style vocals and absolute anarchy and actually pull it off? It's Finding Aurora and they're certainly succeeding at making a name for themselves.

Now we're waiting for that album and we cannot wait to hear it! The lads play their biggest headline show at the iconic Clwb Ifor Bach this December, black Friday to be exact! In the words of vocalist Sam: 'Do yourself a favour and get your tickets now'. This is a show NOT TO BE MISSED! So be quick and snap up those tickets:

You can hear 'Blood On You' this Friday (22nd November) on all major streaming platforms!



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