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The Estevans - latest single 'Gotta Know You' and their rise in the UK!

Guildford quartet ‘The Estevans’ have been on fire this year. Having just come back from their first UK tour, they have now released their second single ‘Gotta Know You’. This Feeling have said these are going to be ‘Big In 2019’ - so keep an eye on these lads because we couldn’t agree more! At such a young age, they have already stamped their mark on the UK’s indie-rock scene.

‘Gotta Know You’ is a floor stomping indie anthem for the nostalgia! It's upbeat, has plenty of catchy riffs, and you'll, without a doubt, be singing the chorus in no time! Lyrically and instrumentally, they channel aspects of the noughties, giving us an insight into their musical influences.

We hope to see ‘The Estevans’ back out on the road soon so we can actually catch a show - they're gaining attention fast and there's no doubt these will be playing bigger venues in no time!

Give their latest single ‘Gotta Know You’ a listen and tell us what you think!

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