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The Trusted release their latest single 'Wild Love'

Southend-on-Sea indie pop quartet 'The Trusted' have gained a wealth of support throughout the three years they've been together with their catalogue of catchy, anthem sized choruses. On Friday they released their latest single 'Wild Love'.

A dreamy instrumental and moving vocals are everything you need to produce an emotive track and The Trusted have executed that with 'Wild Love'. Vocalist Tom describes the single: "Wild Love is a song about leaving everything behind and running away with someone. It’s a song about finding a new place away from all the trouble and pain. We all kind of want to run away even if we don’t know where we are running" and they've managed to capture that perfectly. Its hypnotic hooks and thudding bass lines accompany a honeyed voice and a slightly muffled rhythm. The Trusted seem to lift their influences from the British indie scene and with their dynamic melodies I can really see them being championed by a lot of people.

There's a lot ahead for The Trusted and I'm looking forward to seeing where they go next.

Follow 'The Trusted' and have a look what they get up to next here:


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