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Video Premiere: The DLX release new track 'Feel My Soul'

Bristol based act ‘The DLX’ have been teasing their next single ‘Feel My Soul’ for a month or so and today you can finally hear it. The indie-rockers have been working hard, grafting at their talent since 2014 and have brought out a collection of, to put it musically, bangers. And they've only gone and released another one.

The DLX have fused British nostalgia with something fresh, something that can only be described as a sound that is uniquely theirs. ‘Feel My Soul’ captures your attention straight away with its isolated, infectious bass which swiftly explodes into a loud, accelerating guitar track with raw vocals and high octane beats. The amplified, anthemic chorus is everything you want it to be and more, it's scuzzy, it's guitar driven, it's compelling and it's quite frankly one hell of a tune. This one needs to be heard on full volume - you'll jump around and forget all your problems for three and a half minutes.

Be the first to watch the official music video for 'Feel My Soul' here!

Things will only get better for The DLX! We hope to catch them soon after everything's calmed back down because when they hit these venues, you'll need to be there.

Keep an eye out for news and updates from The DLX on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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