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LIVE: Tom Auton @ The Globe, Cardiff

A true virtuoso in all things music, Tom Auton yet again propels forward with the release of his latest offering ‘It’s Lonely Here In Heaven’. In celebration of the EP, Auton and his crew The Bottle Breakers, take to stage at Cardiff’s The Globe for what would be his biggest headline show to date! Joining him were openers James Kennedy and the Underdogs, and Cardiff’s very own Papa Jupes.

If you’ve been to see Tom before then you’d be familiar with the classic Not My Forte, the blues-kissed rhythm of Money Man, and the downright dirty riffs of Victim of a Groove. But we were treated to the new EP in full. How Did I Get So Low? pulls you into a journey of gutsy emotion, as it weaves into Go Back - the first single after a two year wait. Self Destruct Shuffle is empowering and authentic, charming and danceable, leaving the crowd screaming ‘do the self destruct shuffle, the self destruct shuffle…’ and embracing Auton as the born-to-be frontman he is.

You can always rely on Auton to provide a slab of brooding bluesy rock that ignites an almost primal feeling, with relentless drumming that makes you want to groove, and an injection of riffs that escalate to a point of no return - you’ll find yourself swaying to the rhythm, even if you initially resist, as the infectious beats weave their way through your mind. This is exactly what was showcased on Wednesday night.

One thing that’s very clear to see is the utter dedication and passion laced throughout every song; that emotive output being shared on stage in front of a room of eyes all captivated as the sounds worthy of an arena unfold within the intimate confines of a 300 capacity venue. Think the mighty stage presence of Queens of the Stone Age and the sonic force of Royal Blood; an amalgamation of rock giants that will soon see Auton rising through the ranks.

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Words/image: Tate Powell


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